The Best Knight Cap: A Review of G’knight Imperial Red IPA from Oskar Blues Brewery

G’knight is a pretty special beer for me. It is responsible for fully ushering me into the world of beer. Yes, it is that damn good of a beer. It all started when we were at Sedona Taphouse a few years ago. I was having a juicy steak, and I asked the waiter what beer would go well with it. I told him I liked IPAs, and he was all like, ” you need to try the stickiest of the icky.” ( not his actual words) I took his advice and did not regret it.

 G’Knight is a deep ruby red or amber ale that pours with a relatively small lacy head. As the waiter stated, it has a very sticky, piney, and resiney, hop taste. It has a Coca-Cola malt nose with a touch of booziness. A sweet cherry back end compliments the booziness. It is pretty smooth and not too bitter. G’knight is 8.7 ABV and 60 IBU of dry hopped goodness. You are gunna feel this one!

G’ Knight goes very well with red meats, and is damn good on it’s own. It has a juicy, full mouth feel. It would be hard to drink more than one of these in one sitting because of how heavy and boozy it is, but as it’s name suggests, having one will definitely lead to a good night. This is my go to red IPA that I compare all other red IPAs to. If you can find it, enjoy it!