Mini Double Feature Tasting Review #2

In this second installment of our double feature tasting, my wife and I went for a beer type we haven’t had in a while, and a beer that we thought we would like right off the bat. We have a Czech style pils and a hopped up pale ale, respectively. We usually get tasting beers that we are not confident we would want a full 6 pack of, or simply have not tried. I am kinda wishing I had more of both, after the tasting, but such is craft beer life.

Wild Wolf Brewing Co.-” Czeched Out “-Nellysford, Va – This aptly named Chez pilsner was pretty tasty indeed. Like all/most Czech style pilsners this beer has a heep of Saaz hops. This pilsner was surprisingly very smooth and low bitterness given the pepperiness of Saaz hops. The hops are complimented well by a beautifully mellow apple-y malt backbone. It has low effervescence and no head when poured. It is 5% ABV and 28 IBU. My wife went on a trip abroad in college to the Czech Republic and got me turned on to Czech beers. She has since lost taste for them in exchange for American hoppy ales. This beer is a good bridge back to the old world if you are looking for one. New to Czech hops? Definitely give this a go. I give this beer a resounding 4 out 5 palec nahoru’s ( Czech for thumbs up!)

New Belgium Brewing Co.-” Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale”-Right off the bat we noticed with this beer that it was very effervescent with a small head. It carried a wonderful bouquet of grassy and citrusy hops in every sip, but they don’t pack a punch or too much power given the weak malt backbone. It is a very drinkable ale, which tastes almost like a hoppy session IPA at 5.5% ABV. It is a great porch chair rocker beer, but if you are looking to absolutely rock your taste buds with all of the hoppy flavor you smell, this beer may disappoint a little. Despite my yearning for absolutely explosive hops, I am trying to give this beer its fair due as a very easy drinking hoppy ale. In this vein, I give this beer a 3.75 out of 5 black magic women.


Mini Double Feature Tasting Review #1

Okay, so my wife and I are kinda super cute.  We like to get mix six packs so that we can have home beer tastings with a couple of the beers over the weekend. We try to get some beers that we wouldn’t normally try out since we are just having 6oz of each. Yes, I know we are pretty much the most puke inducing couple in the world, but enjoy reading about at least one of these non-puke inducing beers!
New Belgium Brewing Company–Whizbang–Blonde Ale– In general, I don’t really go wild for blonde ales because they tend to be too mild in flavor for me, and are a little on the sweet end. This take on a blonde ale pushes it closer to a hoppy pale ale flavor than anything else, and keeps the mild drinkability of a blonde. Whizbang could have had a more flavorful malty backbone to it, but per their bottle info, they apparently think they do. It is 5.7% ABV and 45 IBU. It is hopped up with Mosaic hops, which I am kind of a sucker for. While I don’t agree that this beer is a hop explosion, as it is marketed, I would say that it was a nice hop Pop!  I give it 3.75 Fizz pops out of 5!

Magic Hat Brewing Company–Vamplifier–Hoppy Red Ale–For starters, in good Magic Hat fashion, this has a sweet label! That is about the only thing redeeming about this beer. I love red ales, especially when they are described as hoppy, like this one . My wife and I looked all over  and we could not find any of the hops this beer claimed to have. On top of falling flat on the hops, this beer also had bland malt to it ( usually what makes a red ale a red ale!) The front end is actually promising, but the back will leave you sad. Cascade and magnum hops are said to be living in this beer, but are likely overshadowed by the poor performance of the malt character. It has 5.2% ABV and 60 IBU.  Unfortunately, the 60 IBUs don’t have enough flavor to ride on, and taste a little bit like bum on the back end. I give this beer a dismal 1.75 taste sucking vamplifiers out of 5.