A Beer At Sunset: A Review of Malibu Nights IPA Brewed with Tangerines and Hibiscus by Champion Brewing Company in Charlottesville, VA

When I saw this beer on the shelf I just had to pick it up because an IPA brewed with tangerines and HIBISCUS?! Sounds crazy right? Hibiscus, Hawaii’s state flower, is used in many tropical areas of the world. It is brewed in teas or used as a medicinal herb. So this has to be the ultimate chill beer, right? 

When you first pour the beer out of the can you notice the tropical pink/orange and amber hue, which likely resembles a Malibu sunset, depicted on the can. It hits you with cool citrus hops on the nose, and has a sea salty meets pine finish. It has a moderately dry and smooth mouth feel and grapefruit citrus hop flavor. Made with Amarillo and Citra hops, the ABV is 6.5%, which is well masked by primarily Amarillo hoppiness. Unfortunately, this beer falls a little flat for me , both, in hop flavor and in carbonation. Wondering if the bitterness from the hibiscus was not in the same hop profile. Very interesting brew to try, none the less, and is even worth a six pack to mull over the flavor profile a few more times. I give this beer three tropical sunsets out of five.