Our Love Child: A Review of Love Child #7 Sour Ale from Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, MO

This has been in the Hopper for a few weeks: Again, this is another meaningful tasting. This is the last day before our baby girl goes to daycare and my wife goes back to work. So it was an obvious choice to pick out a beer with the name Love Child. It is luckily one of the best sours I have ever had! (Thanks Jess and Andrew!) Just like this day is, the beer has a little bitter nose but mostly sweet and tart! It has a really good sour punch that goes from the nose and lingers on the back end. The brewers rated that the funk on this beer was moderate, with low fruitiness, and low-mid sour. Apparently, the aging process kicked in because I would say that it is a mid-high sour, mild fruitiness, and low funk. Definitely some citrusy sour with a brown sugar and apple base. I would gladly trade the funk for more delicious sour. The beer pours with little head and is a golden peach color.

As I drink down this delicious beer, I am playing with my girl on her tummy time mat while throwing a toy for my corgi, Hobbes. We are really enjoying the last afternoon with our baby being just ours before we share her with the world. Here’s to our little love child, Riley. We love you and can’t believe how fast you are growing!