Just Give Me A Minute: A Review of Minute Man IPA from Three Notch’d Brewing Co. –Charlottesville, Va

This New England Style IPA packs quite a orangey/ citrusy wallop as the can suggests. It somehow conjures this flavor from Idaho-7, Galaxy and Mosaic hops. As is the custom, this IPA has a very slight orange haze and goes down smooth, clocking in at 7% ABV and only 20 IBU’s!

This beer compares well to Blue Mountain Brewery’s ” A Clockwork Orange,” but has better west coast hops pop to it, and 100% more Minute Maid copyright infringement (check the can again). While you will be able to find many other New England IPAs with better west coast hop flavor, I would challenge you to find one with as much flavor to drinkability ratio (scientific term, look it up).

I would recommend drinking this beer out on the porch while enjoying a nice spring or fall day. This beer would pair well with chicken or fish, spicy or not, and would pair particularly well with your mood if you are reminiscing about America’s colonial days and feel like really sticking it to the lobster backs! I would recommend drinking this beer in VA or MA for full colonial feel, and you get extra life points if you drink this beer at Umass for obvious reasons. I give this beer a perfect 5/5 tri-corner hats!


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